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Candice brings a lot of personal experience to her role as real estate sales professional. Born and raised in Toronto, she has seen how the market has changed over time in all GTA neighbourhoods. Before working full-time trading in real estate, she worked in the technology sector helping her high-profile clients develop marketing and sales solutions. She is also an investor herself which allows her to personally help her clients with wealth building real estate investment strategies.

Candice pays a lot of attention to the details. Her clients will tell you no requirement is too big or small to meet. She's always on top of neighbourhood trends which helps her provide the most up-to-date insights to her buyers, sellers, and investors. Her aim is to help her clients achieve their home ownership and wealth building goals.


5 Things About Candice 

The right real estate opportunity and property will find you. Our job is just to get ready for when that happens.

- Candice Allen

It's no secret there are a ton of people in the real estate business. 

So how do you know which one to trust? The first step is getting to know your real estate sales professional, make sure you feel at ease and ensure they have YOUR best interest at heart. 

1. Did you know Candice has a background working in film and TV. She has worked with many different personalities and even some celebrities. She even worked on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

2. Candice got into real estate after she had a tough experience working with a real estate agent while purchasing her first property. She has vowed to be the real estate sales professional she wished she had as a first time home buyer. 

3. Candice's clientele consists of many professionals who work in the technology industry. This is largely due to her previous experience working in technology and digital marketing, understanding how much the data matters. 

4. During her very first showing she got trapped in the stairwell of a condo, as she didn't realize the hallway door locked upon entry to the stairwell (she always checks the door handles now). 


5. Candice's biggest passion is self-improvement and she always has a book or podcast to recommend - Just Ask! 

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