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Seniors and Real Estate

If you are a senior and you're not sure what to do in this real estate market Candice can help. With her Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation she is able to help her senior clients with unique problems and challenges for their situation so they can find solutions that match their needs. 

Some of the areas Candice helps her senior clients with include:

  • Seniors who are looking to downsize but still be active in their community

  • Seniors who are looking to buy another property in a different country to use throughout the year (places like Florida)

  • Seniors who have to sell their property due to health concerns

  • Seniors who wish to gift their children either property or money using the equity in their home 

  • Estate Sales

If you are a senior or the adult child of one and you have questions around real estate contact Candice for a free consultation.

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